Enjoy your life better by playing with Huangma

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Play the songs you love with a piano that is beautiful to watch and listen to, but it is even more delicious to play the digital HUANGMA piano.

Its high-quality cornerstones are:

Huangma digital piano sound

Sound source

Originated from Japan, ensure pure sound quality and accurate tone, which achieve the effect of accustical grand piano.

Huangma digital piano keyboard


Import from Italy, step-by-step action hammer keyboard, which generates loud or silence tones with heavy or light soft touch.
There are 6 levels of touch adjusting, from soft to hard. The keys are made of wood with finger-comfortable material around.

Huangma digital piano quality

Quality of Cabin

All the Huangma digital pianos' cabinets are made of wood with no plastic parts in it. This means a guarantee of high quality. They are standing stabil on during playing. The wood materialis imported from Italy, the lifetime paints and polish from Japan.

Huangma digital piano entertainment


Internal stereo speaker system with rich, natural sound. Enjoy music with your 2 headsets, cellphone, PC or iPad without disturbing your neighbors.
In the Japanese sound source there are sounds of grand piano plus 7 other instruments. Transponation, Recording, Tuning for other instruments, 4 Rewerbs, metronome with six rhytms etc. gives you extraordinary possibilities to enjoy and practice your music. The features are better detailed in site “products”

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